Mike Cashel

Not being from the Annapolis area, when I found ALTAIR, (renamed MIRACLE), bidding on her from afar was daunting. I looked on several websites, and found Tom Kicklighter and Diversified Marine. Tom acted as my proxy, and without any motivation other than just doing the right thing, Tom took moisture meter readings and sent me 30+ pictures of the boat, and then called me to debrief me on what he found. He helped me clearly see the difference between the marketing pictures and what she really looked like, and helped me understand the body of work that needed to be completed, before I committed to buy the boat.

Once we closed on the purchase Tom took on the project of completing essential and recommended repairs with vigor. The boat left Annapolis on her delivery north with all work completed on time, and beautifully done. Tom also recommended riggers, engine and fuel people, and others to do work Diversified does not do. Tom is very honest about what Diversified is good at, and where you should go to get work done that is not within their skill set. He even told us about great restaurants, and helped us with dropping off rental cars, and other little things that went above and beyond what he needed to do for us. His recommendations were sound, and the work done was terrific all around. Tom’s people communicated via phone, email, and with pictures constantly.

Even though I was in Boston for the whole job, I never felt out of the loop. I couldn’t recommend Tom and the team at Diversified more enthusiastically.

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