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“Oyster Stew” is a 1978 Wasque 32. She has an excellent pedigree, but needed some work. The hull, originally painted flag blue in 2000 was in need of freshening. The decks needed to be repainted, and the doghouse was oxidizing. Diversified Marine was able to get me into the schedule and started working on her in December 2010. What started out as basic cosmetics quickly turned into a major project when rot was found in the doghouse.

Tom kept me abreast of the progress through pictures and went above and beyond in communicating the status of repairs. Instead of just removing hardware, painting and reinstalling, he replaced the hardware to Bristol condition. When asked to check the progress of work, he quickly made staff available to show the status of each element of the project.

Oyster Stew was re-launched in February 2011 and has never looked better. The quality of the work was exemplary, and the care the staff gave this old boat was astounding. I am impressed with the finished product and pleased with the overall cost of repairs. Diversified Marine took the guess work out of the project and delivered on all counts. I would recommend Diversified to anyone looking for quality, dependable work.

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