Bernie and Marie Klein

I‘m writing this letter to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Matt Jones and Diversified Marine Services Inc., in Annapolis, Maryland for the attention they gave us, their response time, and the professionalism shown with respect to some recent boat repairs.

Our Formica galley countertop had begun to delaminate and despite my attempts, refused to be re-adhered.  Some of the aft closet frames had also begun to warp and crack, and we noticed some fiberglass cracks developing in the aft bulkhead area, which I had related to potentially putting the boat on our lift improperly.

We had been trying for over 6 months to get someone to assess the problems and propose a solution to the bulkhead cracks, which were our biggest concern.  We had contacted a recommended boat surveyor that said he was familiar with our boat.  He came out to view the problem but it was clear that he was hesitant to make repair recommendations, and we were referred to another local marine services shop in the area, who we contacted.  We were advised by that shop that they would consult with the surveyor on how to proceed, but repeated calls to the surveyor and the shop met with no returned calls and no suggestions on what to do.

Our boat is a Gemini catamaran 105Mc sailboat, and the manufacturer, Performance Cruising, referred us to Diversified Marine, who assigned Matt to assess the problems.  Matt was very responsive and professional, and his experience and familiarity with our boat were invaluable.  He provided us with a detailed assessment of what he thought the causes of the problems were and what he would do to address them.  He assured us that we had not caused the problem, convinced us that we were not in any imminent danger of sinking, that it was not a unique problem, it could be repaired in a reasonable timeframe at our dock, and we were free to view the process and ask questions as the work progressed.

Matt provided us with a written cost estimate and a detailed write up of the work to be done.  At the end of every visit, he kept us informed by Email with a written summary of what had been done and what was the next step.  He kept us advised us of his schedule and called everyday before he came out.

With respect to the galley counter top, we had independently investigated the possibility of replacing the existing Formica top with a half-inch Corian material.  Matt told us that he had experience in working with Corian, and had made some counter tops for some other boats.  He checked into colors and prices for us, trying to find a least expensive option.   Matt also offered some suggestions on how we might reduce costs and slightly expand the counter space, allowing us a larger sink.

The galley counter top fit perfectly, including a small shelf behind the stove.  No seams were visible and custom Corian covers were made from the sink and storage area cutouts.  It looks great and we couldn’t be happier.

The bulkhead repairs proved a little more challenging than anticipated and soon after beginning repairs Matt concluded that something was amiss.  He discovered that a “keel board” had delaminated beneath the cabin flooring, which explained a majority of the fiberglass and closet frame cracks.  He re-laminated the board in place, reassembled the floor and completed the bulkhead repairs within a few days.  We have been out sailing again and everything appears to be holding together very well.

We’re very pleased with the work done and would highly recommend Diversified Marine to anyone.  Thanks again, Matt.

Bernie and Marie KleinGemini Catamaran 105MC Sailboat
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