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Electronic Package Installation

Seafarer 38′ – “Mowgli”

Onboard Technician: Ernie Abend

Scope of Installation:

  • Gathered components and made a comprehensive plan to install on board.
  • Mounted AIS and Splitter in compartment starboard interior compartment above batteries.
  • Mounted and installed, AIS/GPS antenna and rail mount on transom rail.
  • Removed existing VHF antenna and installed new antenna.
  • Installed watertight through deck fitting, and pulled VHF and GPS cables through and to AIS.
  • Unmounted helm rail and bored hole through deck. Deck is cored, and will need to be backfilled with Vinyl-ester putty.
  • Wired AIS to Antenna Splitter.
  • Installed Owner supplied toggle switch in port fuse panel.
  • Met Doug Freeman on board while performing installation. Verified any changes and all is approved.
  • Installed NMEA 2000 backbone and cables.
  • Installed terminal block for power connections.
  • Installed fuses and fuse holders.
  • Ran + power wire from toggle switch to terminal block and negative to battery.
  • Ran nmea 2000 and power cable from AIS to beneath helm.
  • Attached and soldered VHF antenna cable.
  • Made all wiring connections and secured wire with cable ties.
  • Back filled cockpit deck with Vinyl ester putty and re-bored hole.
  • Bedded helm rail and reinstalled.
  • Moved wooden binocular box from helm rail.
  • Mounted chartplotter in Navpod.
  • Cut hole in Stainless steel helm rail for wiring to Chartplotter. Pulled wires from beneath deck to Navpod.
  • Installed Navpod on helm rail. Connected Chartplotter to complete installation.
  • Drilled and tapped rail to re-install binocular box. Mounted box and filled existing holes with 10-24x 3/8 machine screws. Re-installed box.
  • Ran a new DC supply and ground to port fuse panel. Connected DC+ to DC Main breaker. Connected DC- to stbd battery. Added a DC- buss bar behind fuse panel.
  • Made all appropriate connections, cable tied and secured wiring.
  • Labeled all appropriate fuses and breaker.
  • Tested Chartplotter, AIS, Antenna splitter,VHF, and all installed components. ALL PASS
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