Integrated Approach

Yachts by design are a complex system – an integration of various materials, components and sub-systems that work together to provide desired functionality on the water.  Repairs, modifications, upgrades and care of your vessel often requires proficiency across multiple marine trades.  Our large team has advanced skills across virtually every marine discipline.  By working together and with the coordination of our project managers, we can complete any project from start to finish efficiently, quickly and to all applicable ABYC standards.

The result is better quality work, at lower cost to you and with fewer headaches.  When working with Diversified Marine Services, you get all the benefits of a yacht management service without having to pay for the middle-man.

Our Process

A request is received via the website, email, phone or a walk-in. Note that website submissions are processed the fastest as they capture all required information.
Any missing information is obtained from the client. The request is then broken down into discrete jobs.
Jobs are grouped by DMS Division (Restoration, Maintenance, Preservation). Each group of jobs is given a unique work order number and assigned a team lead with the required skills for the work.

Team leads confer with each other and project management to coordinate work (if required). Team leads then schedule their work order to be estimated or completed. Email confirmation is sent to the client with the planned schedule.

Clients receive a status update via email the morning after any progress is made against the work order. Updates include a breif description of work performed, photos and labor hours when applicable as well as the mobile phone number for the lead technician so that any detailed questions can be addressed by the person doing the work. Estimates are also sent to our clients via email. Once an estimate is completed, the work order is put on hold until approval is received.

Invoices are sent out via email as each work order is completed. There is typically a delay of 1 to 3 days between completion of the work and sending of the invoice. This allows for a quality review and processing of all purchased items and consumables used. Clients can pay with a credit card from our website (click the link for payment at the top of the page) or mail a check to PO Box 4373, Annapolis, MD 21403.

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